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ACCENDO (verb):
To illuminate; make bright.

Small Meeting

Discover the path to fully diversify your business through our 24 monthly self-led learning modules. These easy-to-follow modules will guide you through the the world of SME Lending.

Additionally, join our monthly "All In Q&A" session, where you'll have the chance to hear from the Accendo team and industry experts while getting your questions answered live.

Take charge of your business's future today!


Short Courses designed to give you the edge in SME finance and understanding business financials


Six month comprehensive mentoring program  for brokers serious about servicing SME clients


Free up time, get the deals off your desk and start servicing your SME clients

What we do.

Our mission is simple; To LIGHT UP the pathway to success.

At Accendo Financial, we can help you:

Guide your journey to engaging with SME's

Build confidence and competency

Illustrate that financial statements are a lens to your client’s business; past, present and future

Build a valuable database of loyal SME clients, referral partners and prospects by building Awareness in your chosen market

Reduce rework on business credits by presenting the right information they right way.

Standing Meeting

Let us guide your SME journey.

Here are some of our upcoming events and workshops

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Interview with Accendo.

Catch up with Stuart, John and Trent as they discuss what it is to be an SME focused broker.

Meet your faciliators 

Stuart Donaldson

Stuart Donaldson


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John Sgambelluri

John Sgambelluri


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Trent Carter

Trent Carter


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Industry Partners.

Finstro brand

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