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Education for Brokers and Bankers

We're here to develop brokers and bankers - build their confidence and capability to create capacity in servicing the SME market.

Brokers across the industry have been ‘sold’ the dream of diversification to increase revenue and de-risk their business, and invariably the solutions proposed are product based. They are offered products to sell their clients, or ‘spot and refer’ and in turn place their client relationships at risk.

The foundations and fundamentals are largely ignored or at best are sporadically presented in one-off workshops.  There is scarce emphasis on reading and interpreting financial statements, how to review, build and sensitise a business cash flow, and identify the strengths and weaknesses that exist in the business. Then how to take that knowledge and match the appropriate funding solutions to help business owners’ reach their goals.

To diversify.

Understand the SME market and how to leverage to differentiate from other brokers.

Acquire technical and analytical skills to service the market

Build capacity and capability in their business

Offer the full range of products and services.


By adopting a staged and graduated approach to diversification brokers will build the confidence they need to diversify into the SME space.

Accendo offers short courses, a comprehensive mentoring program, deal triage and credit writing skills, all designed to help brokers tackle the first 3 steps. In 2023 we launched SME Broker Advantage to expand our offering to all.

Accendo works with a broad network of lenders, industry focused software providers, aggregators, and industry associations on the premise that Accendo Financial alumni are ready to truly service the SME market and have better client outcomes as a result.

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