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Profitable Franchise Management with Accendo

Are you looking to boost profits and enhance cash flow? Your journey to financial success begins with smart money management.

In the thriving franchise community, the demands on franchisors are vast. From developing new products to providing comprehensive services such as a knowledgeable field staff, marketing and operational support, and training – the list goes on. Successful delivery of these services hinges on finely-tuned advisory skills within the field staff, ensuring they can offer sound advice on the financial aspects of franchise ownership.

Our team at Accendo Financial collaborate with an expanding array of franchise networks, teaching skills that not only improve individual business profitability and cash flow but also elevate the entire network's success.

Why don’t you engage us for a keynote session or workshop at your next conference? We promise to  combine information, motivation, and humour. Renowned for being top-rated presenters, our facilitators possess the exceptional ability to inspire and build excitement around the usually dreaded "numbers" topic.

The program itself was flawless – sophisticated financial tools and concepts delivered in a “plain-English, intuitive manner”. Additionally, the case-study approach, along with your skill in customising the content to our industry and audience, made the material come alive. I saw many “aha” moments among the attendees. You are the right person with the right content and approach to focus our Franchisees on the skills they need to become not only more profitable, but also better business owners.

Margaret Haynes, COO
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