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Ignition Broker Mentoring.

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    The IGNITION Broker Mentoring Program is designed to work with brokers seeking to diversify and work with SME 's to facilitate their funding needs.  To achieve this you need to have  a clear and genuine understanding of SME clients and position yourself as the broker of choice for their business needs. This includes

    1. Providing a debt solution to match all their client’s needs

    2. Presenting insights about the value drivers of the business to consolidate a sustainable loyal relationship.


    The Ignition Broker Program has central themes that carry through the program based on building trust through credible conversations.


    These conversations help broker position themselves as the most important person in their clients financial life by using every stage of the client journey as an opportunity to build trust, demonstrate their capability and capacity as a finance professional who truly understands the SME client.

    The program is delivered over 6 monthly sessions and will take brokers through.

    • Building AWARENESS as a SME focused broker in your market(s). 

    • Establishing your position as a professional to trust and CONSIDER your services 

    • How to use the FACT FIND and ANALYSIS process to uncover key areas of focus for the credit application and to deliver high impact value to your client.

    • How to prepare  CREDIT SUBMISSIONS that have lower chance of rework and higher chance of approval on first pass.

    • Build a POST SETTLEMENT process that continues to provide value through client education.

    • Build a NURTURE funnel for your existing database that will see client’s returning for their business and personal finance needs and opening their networks for referrals.

    Places are capped at 8 participants to ensure there is maximum interaction and engagement with each broker.


    By completing the following form you are not signing up to the mentoring program but registering your interest to find out more. 

    Jeremy Young, Finance Broker

    "I was referred a prospect, via my aviation network,  who had an application with another broker for a $550,000 helicopter. The other broker was struggling to get the deal approved. The client was happy to tip in some cash for a $370K lend, but eventually the lender declined the deal citing that they couldn't find servicing even for a $150K lend.


    I was able to get a signed mandate, rework the deal and get the deal resurrected and approved at the same lender with a surplus on the original $370K lend.


    All largely thanks to the education via the Ignition program. The GM at the lender actually rang me to thank me for a complete and comprehensive credit memo! 


    It really shows the power of a quality submission.  Thanks to you both."

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