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The team at Accendo Financial are changing the game for SME broker education

Are you a mortgage broker eager to unlock new heights of success and bolster your business acumen?

Do you want to take away the fear of working with your SME clients?


Introducing SME Broker Advantage, the ultimate low cost, high impact education program designed exclusively for brokers like you!

At just $47 Per month, sign up for a highly affordable 24-month program and start writing SME deals consistently and with confidence.

What's even better you can try for the first 2 months completely free!

Unlock SME Opportunities with Confidence

Gain the expertise needed to confidently navigate the SME lending landscape.

Our program equips you with the skills to identify and seize lucrative opportunities in SME lending, ensuring you never miss a chance to grow your business.

Course Overview

Easy to follow 24 month self-led learning modules will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Additionally, join our monthly "All In Q&A" session, where you will have the chance to hear from the Accendo team and industry experts while getting your questions answered live.

With a 2-month free trial, there is no risk to take charge of your business's future today!

  • MONTH 1: Why diversify your business with SME & build capacity

  • MONTH 2: Awareness - the art of being a problem solver

  • MONTH 3: Foundations of a small business

  • MONTH 4: Interpreting financial statements

  • MONTH 5: Consideration - why a business should choose you

  • MONTH 6: Home loans for small business owners

  • MONTH 7: Client fact find - uncovering your client's story

  • MONTH 8: Preliminary financial analysis - connecting the numbers with the client's story

  • MONTH 9: Deal workshopping - quickly qualifying deal with lending partners

  • MONTH 10: Focus of credit risk - become the first assessor

  • MONTH 11: Credit submission writing part 1 - know the story

  • MONTH 12: Credit submission writing part 2 - interpret the numbers

  • MONTH 13: Credit submission writing part 3 - logically present and mitigate the risks, terms and conditions

  • MONTH 14: Approval to settlement - maximise your value to your clients

  • MONTH 15: Nurturing your clients - know where the value in your business sits

  • MONTH 16: Understanding budgets and forecasts part 1 - profit planning for success

  • MONTH 17: Understanding budgets and forecasts part 2 - connective cashflow with funding opportunities

  • MONTH 18: Business valuation and client loan forecasting model

  • MONTH 19: Guest panellists - hear from SME clients, credit risk officers and accountants on the value of an SME focused broker

  • MONTH 20: Construction and development - uncover the nuances and policies that drive construction and development funding

  • MONTH 21: SMSF - unpack self managed superfund lending structures and options

  • MONTH 22: Equipment and asset purchases - understand the products and options available for business purchasing income producing assets

  • MONTH 23: Industry specialisations - learn about industry specialisations such as health, professional services, franchising and agribusiness

  • MONTH 24: Working capital solutions - the life blood to any business and how to fund different areas of the cashflow cycle.

Course Breakdown


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