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Accendo Accendo Financial Keynote speakers are always the top-rated speakers at any conference we attend because of the overwhelmingly positive response to our plain-English, practical and good humoured delivery style.

Each presenter has a minimum of 20 years experience in the finance industry and an ability to remove the mystery, bust through the jargon and strip away the complexity of financial management.

For business owners and franchisees, we focus on the key drivers that deliver better cash flow, higher profits and greater value for the organisation.

For finance and accounting professionals, we speak to a range of topics to promote seamless lending and the gateway to management accounting.

Before any keynote presentation we take care to understand your organisation and objectives and we’re always happy to tailor our presentations to tie directly to our conference theme or industry environment.

Sample of Recent Keynote Speeches:
•    Five Steps to a Successful Business
•    Leveraging the Power of Break Even
•    Master of Ceremonies
•    Mastering Cash Flow
•    How to Value Your Business and Optimise its Worth


With our sights set on delivering a unique blend of motivation, information and humour, Accendo Financial’s Keynote Speakers bring "numbers know-how" to life. We'll kick-off your event with the right tone and create the curiosity and energy you're looking for.

The program itself was flawless – sophisticated financial tolls and concepts delivered in a “plain-English, intuitive manner”. Additionally, the case-study approach, along with your skill in customising the content to our industry and audience, made the material come alive. I saw many “aha” moments among the attendees. You are the right person with the right content and approach to focus our Franchisees on the skills they need to become not only more profitable, but also better business owners.

Margaret Haynes, COO
Right at Home 

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Excellent on all counts. I've been in business for 40 years and the content today was definitely the best I've seen in understanding the numbers

 Diane, Perth Broker

A complex topic made simple. Well worth the effort to attend.

Rob, Financial Consultant

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